MinewTag STag75 Electronic Nameplate for Conference

7.5 inch Bluetooth 5.0 digital name plate open frame digital signage digital name sign for meeting room booking system

Key Features
* Bluetooth® 5.0 technology
* Bi-directional wireless communication
* Nordic nRF-52 series
* High-quality dot matrix E-ink display
* Individually designed templates
* Multi-Language support
* QR code, Barcode, NFC for online and offline interactions
* Instant LED flashlight
* Working environment: 0 – 50℃
* Ultra-low power consumption, battery life up to 5 years
* IP 65 standards
* Different sizes: 2.7” to 11.6” for different field applications such as supermarkets, retail stores, Grocery stores,
Pharmacy, Warehouse, Conference hall, etc.



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