Electronic Shelf Tags

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We are a supplier of location cards, smart tags, and electronic shelf tags on a global scale. However, we are supplying system integrators and end users with expert one-stop service. We offer a variety of electronic price tag labeling solutions, including RF, Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi solutions. Also, for high-end items in the healthcare, office, warehouse, retail, and other consumer industries. Beyond pricing management, electronic tags are incredibly versatile.

The overall shopping experience can be improved by retailers using these digital displays to give customers detailed product information, such as ingredients, nutritional details, or user reviews. Electronic shelf tags can also be coupled with inventory management systems. Thus, giving retailers the ability to track stock levels in real-time and decrease the number of times that out-of-stock products occur. Electronic price tag give retailers useful information in the age of data-driven decision-making.

Best Electronic Shelf Tags Providers

Electronic shelf tags can gather information about consumer interactions. Such as how frequently a product is picked up or how much time buyers spend reading product descriptions. Therefore, by utilizing this information, retailers can improve customer shopping experiences by optimizing store designs, product placements, and marketing techniques. Retailers can benefit from greater pricing accuracy and improved consumer experiences thanks to these smart price tags. Explore the essential features of electronic tags and see how they are changing the retail environment.

The foundation of effective price and information management in retail is the electronic price tag. However, ESLs allow businesses to remotely update prices, product descriptions, and promotional material across all of their shelves at once, in contrast to conventional paper labels. Also, this improves efficiency and lowers labor costs. ESL electronic shelf label guarantees that clients always receive accurate pricing information, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and confidence.


What are shelf tags used for?
Shelf tags are used to label and organize items on shelves in stores, warehouses, libraries, and other storage spaces. They provide essential information about the products or items they represent.
Can I customize the design and layout of my shelf tags?
Yes, many shelf tag systems allow for customization. You can choose different fonts, colors, and sizes to match your branding or organizational needs.
Are there digital shelf tag options available?
Yes, digital shelf tags use electronic displays to update pricing and product information in real time. They are often used in retail stores for dynamic pricing.