E Ink Price Tag

Leading E Ink Price Tag Manufacturers

Established in 2006, our organization has been dynamic in the worldwide retail industry since its foundation. However, we produce in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and different nations and regions. Thus, giving various clever answers for retail clients. We are the top producer of E Ink price tag, mostly covering the coordinated use of EAS (Electronic Article Observation), ESL (Electronic Rack Mark), and individual counter items.

The greater part of our items have passed different global certificates, like CE, FCC, UL, and so forth. However, years have passed, and today the developing Feature is ready to widen its effect in the retail field. Also, better serve our clients and society in our most confided-in job – improving your retail through our retail arrangements.

High-Quality E Ink Price Tag

Past valuing, E Ink price tag can advance the shopping experience. These computerized labels can show extra item data, advancements, and even client surveys, all at the hint of a button. However, customers can get to significant bits of knowledge right away, engaging them to pursue informed choices. Moreover, E-Ink shows are good-looking. Thus, making them discernible in different lighting conditions and guaranteeing that clients can easily peruse item subtleties.

Price tags made of e-ink are not like traditional paper tags. With its dynamic pricing features, businesses may alter prices immediately without having to manually change labels. Due to their ability to adapt quickly to market changes and apply dynamic pricing strategies, firms can give consumers accurate and current price information through e ink labels.


How does an E Ink Price Tag work?
E Ink Price Tags work by applying an electric charge to tiny microcapsules containing black and white particles. These particles move to the surface to create text and images.
Can E Ink Price Tags display color?
E Ink Price Tags typically display content in black and white. While some color E Ink displays exist, they are less common and may be costlier.
How are E Ink Price Tags updated?
E Ink Price Tags are often updated through a wireless connection, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, using dedicated software or systems.