E Ink Labels

Quality E Ink Labels Suppliers in China

We are the first company to operate in China’s retail technology sector, having been created in 2007. We created, made, and marketed retail display items, such as shelves, shopping baskets, carts, stands, and more. Our company is well-known in China and is a major player in Guangdong Province. However, we now manufacture most electronic shelf labels and E ink labels.

We specialize in 3D binocular people counting systems and e-paper goods (such as electronic shelf labels, LCD signage, ESL accessories, and meeting signage). E-Ink labels are a useful answer for several businesses, not merely a cutting-edge novelty in technology. Real-time information updates enable retailers to expedite pricing adjustments, logistics providers to increase supply chain effectiveness, and healthcare professionals to better patient care.

Leading E Ink Labels Providers

E Ink labels are setting the standard for changing how we engage with information as we go into the future. However, accept this cutting-edge technology, and you’ll see improvements in the productivity, sustainability, and adaptability of your labeling procedures. Power is only useful by E-Ink labels when the material being displayed changes. After being displayed, an image or piece of text stays visible even after the power is turned off.

Because of their exceptional energy economy, these labels are ideal for uses where battery life is a top priority. Say goodbye to static labels that can’t change to reflect changing information with dynamic content. Thus, you may remotely and rapidly alter pricing, product descriptions, or even delivery information using dynamic content on labels. A game-changer for retailers and logistics firms is these digital shelf labels.


How do these labels work?
These labels work by using tiny electronic ink particles that change their color or visibility when an electrical charge is applied.
Can these labels be updated remotely?
Yes, these labels can be updated remotely through wireless communication, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Are these Labels environmentally friendly?
Yes, these babels are considered environmentally friendly because they are reusable and do not contribute to paper waste.