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We are a pioneering company devoted to the design and production of digital price tags for retail, which was established in 2006. White label solutions, EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), OEM, and ODM services are just a few of the many services we provide to our partners. However, over 350 people work with us, including more than 70 R&D engineers. With the help of Bluetooth beacons, and wireless modules, our team hopes to link the entire planet to the Internet of Things.

Digital price tags for retail provide a platform for interactive customer engagement in addition to just displaying costs. However, retailers may use these tags to display product details, client feedback, and even personalized suggestions, making the buying process interesting and educational. Therefore, customers are more likely to have satisfaction and make a buy when they can make educated judgments on the shelf.

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Staying ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced retail environment calls for creative solutions. Thus, that boosts operational effectiveness while providing a superior shopping experience. In the retail sector, digital price tags for retail have become a game-changer. Simply by providing a dynamic and adaptable method of managing pricing and product information.

The capacity of electronic price tag to update prices in real-time is one of its main benefits. Therefore, the time-consuming and prone-to-mistake practice of manually updating paper tags is not anymore. With digital price tags, merchants can quickly alter prices throughout their entire network of stores. Thus, to reflect special offers, reductions, or market developments, assuring accuracy and consistency.


How do digital price tags work?
These tags are typically connected to a central system through wireless technology, allowing retailers to update prices and product information remotely.
Are digital price tags compatible with existing retail systems
Many digital price tag systems can integrate with existing point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management systems, making it easier for retailers to adopt this technology.
What is the lifespan of digital price tags?
The lifespan of digital price tags varies depending on the manufacturer and usage but is typically several years.